Who we are and what the story is behind our mission for bringing high quality CBD to the UK Market?

Based in Warwickshire, we were aware that the lack of high quality CBD was missing from the British market, which we consider unfair for the residents of the UK.

CBD is still accessible in a lot of high street stores, but what do we really know about these products? Something we all do know, is that;

- they are mass produced to keep up with the demand of stock on the shelves for high street stores where that product is available to buy.

- and that they tend to prioritise quantity over the quality.

We know that this isn't the case with all CBD produce, there are amazing products here already, but not enough in our opinion. Our mission since starting back in 2019, was to bridge the gap for high quality, accessible and affordable CBD products to be available for our UK consumers.

The founders of Almicanna are very experienced business owners, with a broad knowledge for botany. Which in turn made them decide to create something exceptional, something which stands for the purest and highest quality of natural ingredients, making them risk free for humans and animals.

So as we mentioned before, despite the variety of CBD products which appear to be very accessible on the market already, the majority of them represent very questionable quality. This is from lack of attention to the source of ingredients and the method of production, to see big profits.

Our headquarters and home of production for our products, is in Spain, distributing to customers around Europe, with a big emphasis in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are also collaborating with the USA, Emirates and India. Now that the UK is no longer a member of Europe, we feel more obligated than ever to keep this opportunity available to those searching for it locally, as well as bringing awareness to new customers about the benefits of CBD.

We hope we are achieving this goal already on a small scale, but we hope to build it to a much wider audience

. After all, we are here to help you in the form of knowledge and nature.

Check out the products we already have available here in the UK and watch out for what else we have to bring.

Don't know what you're looking for?

Don't worry! Email us today at: and ask us how we can help guide you in the right direction.

Talk soon!

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