A backcross of the Diesel x Diesel. The typical aroma of heavy citrus and petrol. Conveys a pleasant high that fits at any time of the day. Very resistant to various pests and mold.
- 3 seeds
- Feminized  

- Sativa / Indica: 60/40  

- THC: Up to 16%  

- CBD: Low 

- Flowering: 60-70 days  

- Yield: 450-550 indoor   


Our booklets in which you can find the seeds are 100% biodegradable, just like our Eppendorf tubes made from hemp!     

Hand Grown & Hand Packed in Spain


Don't be a fool! Respect our planet!  




The growing and consuming of cannabis seeds/plants is illegal in the U.K.

Please follow the government guidelines related to cannabis laws and restrictions.
We hold no liability to the violation and misconduct of usage with our seeds.

TEXACO Root Riot Seedbank

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